We believe in holistic and impactful education.

INTech Foundation empowers girls and gender expansive with a diverse range of technology experiences, extending beyond conventional devices like mobile apps and tablets, fostering creativity and unlocking their full potential.

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Innovation starts with education

INTech Foundation empowers scholars by providing a diverse array of technology experiences that go beyond conventional devices, such as mobile apps and tablets. Through this approach, they aim to nurture creativity and unlock the full potential of young girls in the field of technology.

About our programs

Our signature program, INTech Academy teaches youth coding, robotics, AR and VR, engineering, and applied technology.

Robotics, UX UI Design, HTML coding, AR/VR technologies

February - March
2 hour session for 9-weeks

Designed for Middle and High School scholars

This program is our flagship program. We offer scholars a 5-day experience where they learn how to build, code, and program a brand new website. As a team, INTech Scholars will choose a social issue as the foundation for their final (and functioning) product.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, User Experience Design

June - July
5 days of camp

Middle School scholars (Ages 10-13)

Our community workshops & code clubs are designed for intergenerational learning. These free 1-hour workshops are designed to improve digital literacy, explore the social impact of technology on our day-to-day lives while building a healthy and tech savvy community.

Unplugged workshops, Computer Science, Fundamentals, Social Media, Cyber Security, Technology and Ethics

Between August - December

Code Clubs are ages 10-17
Mini Camps are all ages

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Hear what our scholars think

“I would like to learn how to make more games!”

“I have been loving INTech camp!”

“I absolutely loved today’s program!”

INTech Foundation invites youth to participate in their programs, with a special focus on centering Black and Latinx perspectives. By supporting us, you empower more Black and Latina girls to confidently pursue their interests in engineering, technology, and computer science, ensuring they have every opportunity for a promising future.

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Invest your time and talent in the next generation of technologists.

INTech Foundation's programs are powered by tech mentors who facilitate lessons, offer insights into their professional journeys, and connect our girls with technology companies. By volunteering with INTech, you'll play a vital role in providing our Scholars with transformative tech experiences and empowering them with inspiration drawn from your own expertise.

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Our Impact

INTech Foundation is based in Charlotte, NC. However, we reach students from all over the Americas. We engage students, ages 10-17, all from more than 21 states in the US. Our efforts have extended into small communities in Ontario Canada and in South America.


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